PCM-340 Socket Tester Receptacle Detector with Red Light Test Result Indicator Outlet Tester for GFCI / Standard 3-Wire 120V Receptacles

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Socket tester pro, is a user-friendly handheld tools for professionals and non-professional. Use to test the most six common wiring errors in standard electrical outlets and GFCI receptacles. An ideal tool for household safety and also applicable in other different industry.


  • LED red light test result indicator
  • Clear test result reference table
  • Handheld pocket-size tester
  • LCD with backlight
  • Function: Three hole socket line sequence detection
    • Current measurement
    • Phase voltage (L_N) measurement
    • Leakage voltage (N_E) measurement
    • GFCI Test


  • Operating Voltage: 90~250V / 45~65Hz
  • Phase Voltage: 90~250V / 45~65Hz
    • Accuracy: ±(2.0%+2)
  • Leakage voltage: 0~99V/45~65Hz
    • Accuracy: ±(2.0%+2)
  • Operating Environment: 0~40ºC (20~75%RH)
  • Storage Environment: -10~50ºC (20~80%RH)
  • Altitude: ≤2000 m
  • RCD test: >30mA
  • RCD working voltage: 220V±20V
  • GFCI test: >5mA
  • GFCI working voltage: 110V±20V

    Note to Buyer(s): RCD and GFCI function do not coexist

Set Includes:

  • 1 x Socket Tester Pro
  • English Instruction Manual
  • Standard factory packaging

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