NF-1107 Network Cable Testing Diagnostic Tool Kit Set- Ethernet LAN Cable Tester Wire Tracker Voltage Detector Punch Tool RJ45 RJ11

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This Network toolkit can be widely used in the different situations, engineering, cable construction and etc. This kit set consists of wire tracker, network cable tester, non-contact AC voltage detector, punch tool and a crimping tool. With this toolkit in hand, your work will get much easier efficiently.


Specifications & Features:

  • Wire Tracker function trace, locate and verify RJ11 and RJ45 cables & electric wire; judge short circuit, open circuit, breaking circuit and crossing; test DC level
  • Low voltage alarm indication
  • Power Supply: 9V battery
  • Max working current: 10mA(Emitter); 30mA(Receiver)
  • Distance of signal transmission: 2000m
  • Signal output electric status: 8Vp-p
  • Signal transmission format: Multi-frequency impulse
  • Frequency: 900-1000Hz
  • Network Cable Tester used for verifying RJ11/RJ45 cables status and test corresponding double-twisted cable 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and G; judge wrong connection, short circuit and open circuit. Displays visible LED status and 9V battery power supply.
  • Non-contact Voltage Detector used to identify hot and neutral conductors, find a break in a wire and detect the AC voltage, test live wire and with a flash indication. It has LED and Tone. indicator and voltage range of 50-1000V AC. Its frequency range is 50-500Hz with measurement category of 1v, 1000v per ul 61010 and 2 pieces AAA batteries power supply
  • Punch Tool cuts the not needed cable with the blade and steady function
  • Crimping Tool Combo: 8P8c and 6P6C cable crimper. won't damage the shelled-wire. crimper mouth is hard and durable. just insert the crystal top into its position and press it.


Set Includes:

  • 1 x Network cable tester set (Master, Remote)
  • 1 x Wire tracker set (Emitter, Receiver, Earphone, RJ45 adaptor cable, RJ11 adaptor cable, RJ11-to-Alligator clip adaptor cable)
  • 1 x Non-contact voltage detector
  • 1 x Punch tool
  • 1 x Crimping Tool
  • 2 x 9V battery
  • 5 x RJ45 connector (8P crystal plug) 
  • 5 x RJ11 connector (6P crystal plug

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