THE-219 Dual Laser IR Infrared Thermometer -50~1500°C (-58°F~ 2732°F), 30:1 DS, Non-contact Digital Temperature Meter Gun Pistol Type, Double Laser Pointer

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Model: THE-219


Compact, rugged, easy to use and measures target surface temperature range of -50~1500°C/-58~2732°F with 30:1 distance spot ratio. Just aim, press the trigger and read current surface temperature in less than a second. Safely measure hot, hazardous or hard-to-reach surfaces or object without contact. Widely used in equipment and examination of steel, glass, cement production process temperature.

The dual laser positioning allows users to understand the real target area and ideal distance. It also increases the measurement accuracy.



  • Dual laser positioning
  • Non-Contact IR thermometer
  • Data hold
  • Record, save and retrieve saved readings
  • Min, Max, Avg, and Differential readings
  • Continuous measurement
  • Backlight
  • Alarm setting adjustable
  • Emissivity setting adjustable, default at 0.95
  • Auto Power Off
  • Selectable °C/°F
  • Battery Life Indication
  • High and Low temperature alarm setting
  • With Carabiner hook for easy hanging on belt or on wall


  • Temperature Range: -50~1500°C / -58~2732°F
  • Accuracy: ±4°C/7.2°F (-50~0°C/ -58~32°F) , ±2% reading +2°C/3.6°F (0°C/32°F and above)
  • Distance Spot Ratio: 30:1
  • Emissivity: 0.1~1.0 Adjustable
  • Resolution: 0.1°C/ 0.1°F (<1000°C), 1°C/1°F (>1000°C)
  • Response Time: <250ms, 95% response
  • Repeatability: 1% of reading or 1°C
  • Spectral Response: 8-14um
  • Operating Environment: 0~40°C (32~104°F), 10-95%RH
  • Storage Environment: -20~60°C (-4~140°F), 10-95%RH  without battery
  • Ambient temp range off guarantee for accuracy: 23~28°C
  • Weight: 240g (w/out Battery)
  • Size: 9 x 18.5 x 6 cm
  • Power Supply: 9V Battery
  • Battery Life: 12hrs

Set Includes:

  • 1 x Infrared Laser Non-Contact Thermometer
  • 1 x Carrying Pouch
  • 1 x 9V Battery
  • 1 x Carabiner Hook (installed)
  • 1 x English Manual