PAR-355 Light PAR Meter Advanced Quantum Sensor Measure Grow Light Intensity Lux Meter PPFD Tester for Indoor and Outdoor Plant Photosynthetic Activity

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PAR meter is a must-have tool for all growers it measures Photo Synthetically Active Radiation (PAR) flux in wavelengths ranging from 400 to 700nm. There is a proportional relationship between the band and the number of photons absorbed in the 400 to 700nm band and the rate of photosynthesis in plants, which is important for horticulture studies and monitoring plant physiology.


  • Compact design, easy to use every day
  • Large screen display
  • User-friendly, easy to operate
  • Record up to 100 measured values
  • For real-time display, it shows the last four recorded data
  • Hold function
  • MAX / MIN / AVG Data
  • With tripod socket
  • Low battery indicator
  • Auto turn off function after 3min of no usage
  • Simple calibration function


    • PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) Measurement
      • Range: 0~5000 μmol/m²/sec
      • Repeatability: ±1 μmol/m²/sec
      • Display Resolution: 0.01 μmol/m²/sec (0~99.99); 0.1 μmol/m²/sec (100~999); 1 μmol/m²/sec (1000~5000)
      • Measuring rate: 1 measurement per second
      • Cut-On Wavelength: 400±10nm
      • Cut-off Wavelength: 700±10nm
    • Power Requirements: 2 x 1.5V AAA alkaline battery
    • Dimension: 115 x 60 x 24mm
    • Weight: approx. 115gms (without batteries)

    Set Includes: 

    • 1 x PAR Meter
    • 2 x AAA batteries
    • English User Manual
    • Standard factory packaging

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