E04-040 Ultrasonic Leak Detector Pressure Air Water Dust Leakage Locator

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Model : E04-040

This instrument uses ultrasonic sensing technology, by using this you can quickly and accurately locate leaks in any pressure and vacuum system.

It is very suitable for detecting cracks of pipes, valves, and etc, and is very suitable for tightness check for cabin, plane, vehicle cabinet, refrigerator, freezing plant, oil tank and other sealed compartments; in addition, it can be use to detect electrical discharge from switches, transformers, insulators, circuit breakers, relay, bus bars and etc to prevent accidents.




  • Design to locate leaks in pressure and vacuum systems
  • Quick location of air, water, dust leaks
  • External leak detection with the Ultrasonic Microphone
  • Internal Leak Detection with the Ultrasonic probe and probe tip
  • Leak Detection and Tightness Check in Non-pressurized compartments
  • Electrical Discharge Detection
  • LED-array Signal Indicator it indicates the intensity ultrasonic wave detected
  • Portable and Easy to use
  • Comes with earphone and carrying bag
  • It complies with all essential health and safety requirements set out in European Directives (CE marking)



  • Receiver
    • Signal Indicator it indicates the intensity ultrasonic wave detected
    • Frequency Response : 36kHz - 44kHz
    • Operating Condition:
    • Temperature : 0°C~50°C
    • Relative humidity : less than or equal to 80%
    • Battery : 9V,6F22 or equivalent
    • Size : 215 x 50 x 30mm
    • Weight : about 162g (including battery)
  • Transmitter
    • Indicator : LED
    • Output Frequency : 40kHz
    • Battery : 9V,6F22 or equivalent
    • Low battery Indication : "POWER"LED can't light
    • Size : 103 x 60 x 24mm
    • Weight : about 90g (including battery)

Set includes:

  • 1 x Leak Detector
  • 1 x Ultrasonic Transmitter
  • 1 x Extension Tube
  • 2 x Probe tips (70mm and 290mm)
  • 1 x Ultrasonic Microphone
  • 1 x Ultrasonic Probe
  • 1 x Headphone
  • 2 x 9V Batteries  (FREE)
  • 1 x English Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Carrying Bag
  •  Standard Factory Packaging

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