DL-060 Titanium Frame 6.0x Magnification Dental Loupes Surgical Medical Tool Keplerian Prism Style


Model: DL-060

6.0x Ultra-Light Loupe
 features:ultra-high resolution, ultra-high true magnification and lightweight comfort.It has 45mm field of view, 25mm depth of field, 420mm working distance for optimal view, and when mounted on our titanium ultra-light frames, they weigh just 105 grams. It has a special coated lens that eliminates the light reflection - least interruption to your works.

The unique design of this loupe allows an optimal amount of light to be transmitted into your eyes to produce sharper, clearer and brighter images with an amazing depth-of-field thereby reducing eyestrain. Material of frame is always a critical factor of choosing a dental/surgical loupes. Our "Titanium" frame features super high strength, elastic, ultra light weight and resilience that makes it a well-suited frame material.


  • Ultimately high 6.0x magnification power
  • Titanium frame (More Durable than other metals!!)
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Great working distance and angle of declination
  • Clear and bright spectacular loupes
  • Special coated lens
  • Provides much more power and perfect for detailed operations such as root canals
  • Flip-up function for flexibility
  • Adjustable nose bridge accommodates any pupil distance
  • Fully adjustable viewing angle, allows converge and declinate angle for perfect optical alignment



  • Keplerian Prism style
  • Magnification Power : 6.0x
  • Working Distance : 420mm
  • Depth of Field : 25mm
  • Field of View : 45mm
  • Frame: Titanium
  • Inter-pupillary Distance : adjustable
  • Working Angle : up to 45 degree
  • Weight : approx. 119g


Set Includes: 

  • 1 x Titanium Dental Loupes
  • 2 x Side shields (1 set)
  • 1 x Adjusting Tool (screwdriver)
  • 1 x Cleaning cloth
  • 1 x Safety Head Strap
  • 1 x Moisture Absorbent pack
  • Stylish black storage/carrying case with sturdy rubber padding
  • Standard Factory Package