TMG-4002 Ultrasonic Metal Steel Aluminum Thickness Gauge Meter Tester with USB Port Internal Memory 100,000 Data LCD Auto Probe Zero Calibration

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This Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is one of the Upad X Series that will be the best choice for accomplishing metal thickness measurement. It fits many kinds of metal, such as steel, cast steel, aluminum, plastic, China glass, glass fiber and other good conductors of ultrasonic. Advanced Auto Probe Zero Calibration and Echo-Echo mode are applied on Upad X series. Taking more accurate measuring result and higher production rate to you. .
  • Measure range : 0.75-500mm
  • Working principle is Ultrasonic  (Echo - Echo)
  • Measures thickness of metal covered with coating thickness of 2-25mm
  • USB port for storage plug and play
  • Internal Memory up to 100,000 Data Sets
  • Advanced Auto Probe Zero Calibration
  • Convenient to read and save data for later analysis via U disck
  • Easy to calibrate any time and any place.
  • Probe Connection/Coupling Indicator
  • Exra Long Standby time of 200 hours
  • Accuracy of 0.1/0.01mm to 0.01/0.001 inch
  • USB for Storage Plug and Play  
  • Covenient to read thickness values
  • Massive Data Memory-100,000 data
  • 1000 data sets
  • Statistic Function
  • Online statistic :Max Min Standard Deviation
  • Document Statistic : Max Min Average mean square error



Working Principle

Ultrasonic (ultrasonic pulse echo / echo echo)

Detection range

P-E mode: 0.75-500mm E-E mode Coat: 1-2mm Undercoats: 2-25mm


1000~9999m/s, Preset 5 commonly material velocity


0.1mm(> 100mm)/0.01mm(<100mm)

USB Storage

Connection USB is allowed, convenient to read thickness values


±(0.5%H+0.01 )mm

Velocity route correction


Appearance size

165x82x30 mm


250g (Including battery)


High / low / automatic

Refresh rate

Single point mode 5 times/second, scan mode 25 times / sec




1 x Main Unit
1 x Probe
1 x Probe Cable
1 x Operation Manual
1 x Empty bottle
1 x Carrying case

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