TH-9000 One 1 Second Digital Instant Ear Thermometer Baby Adult

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A Hospital Grade or tympanic infrared thermometer, used by more mothers than any other infrared thermometer brand due to its accuracy & easy-to-follow procedure. The ear is regarded as the most reliable place to get a consistent reading of the humans core body temperature. Design to take body and surface temperature measurements safely, The Ear Thermometer measures infrared energy radiated from the eardrum and the surrounding tissue. This energy is collected through the sensing lens and converted to a temperature value. The measured reading obtained directly from the eardrum (Tympanic Membrane) can ensure the most accurate ear temperature.

So gentle and safe to use with quick 1sec reading. It has a wide temperature range of 0~100°C / 32~212°F for surface temperature & 32.0~42.9°C / 89.6~109.2°F for body temperature and the accurate readings are shown clearly on a LCD screen. Other features include auto turn-off, auto memory display, fever alarm, switchable °F & °C, and audio indicators such as ready to measure, system error, and measurement complete. The beep and other screen indicators helps eliminate handling error and manual guide are very easy to understand. This Ear Thermometer has been clinically tested to meet ASTM standard E-1965 as pertains to infrared thermometers.

Wide temperature range and MultiScan Technology system, use it for body temperature and surface temperature such as food, liquide like bath water, milk, etc.


  • MultiScan technology, body temperature & surface temperature such as baby bottle, food, bath water, etc.
  • SAFE, CLINICALLY ACCURATE with 1 second reading result
  • Clinically proven safe and accurate, number 1 ear thermometer - used by more GP's and mothers worldwide
  • Wide range measurement
  • 0 ~ 100°C / 32 ~ 212°F (surface)
  • 32 ~ 42.9°C / 89.6  ~ 109.2°F (body)
  • Instant, one-second readings
  • Gentle and easy to use, you can use it on a sleeping child and will cause no interruption
  • Auto display memory
  • Audible fever alert indicates temperatures over 37.5°C / 99.5°F
  • Temperature results in °C or °F
  • With indicators like, "Out-of-Ear", low battery, ready to measure, measurement complete
  • With CE and complied with PrEN12470-5 and ASTME-1965 requirements
  • Unique feedback system confirms the thermometer is in the correct position and then confirms an accurate temperature reading has been taken - all in matter of seconds
  • Accurate and safe for newborns and the whole family





  • Standards: CE and complied with PrEN12470-5 and ASTME-1965 requirements
  • Measuring Range: Body Temp: 32 ~ 42.9°C (89.6 ~ 109.2°F)
  • Surface Temp: 0 ~ 100.0°C (32 ~ 212°F)
  • Accuracy (laboratory): ±0.2°C at 32 ~ 42.9°C
  •  (±0.4°F at 89.6 ~ 109.2°F)
  •  ±1°C at 0 ~ 31.9°C & 43 ~ 100°C
  •  (±2°F at 32 ~ 89.5°F and 109.3 ~ 212°F)
  • Resolution 0.1°C / °F
  • Response time: 1sec
  • Temperature unit °C & °F
  • LCD display
  • Auto display memory
  • Nite Glow
  • Auto & Manual Switch off
  • Operating environment: 10 ~ 40°C (50 ~ 104°F) & 15 ~ 95%RH
  • Storage temperature: -25 to 55°C (-13 to 131°F)
  • Battery: AAA battery x 2
  • Dimension: 155mm x 33mm x 45mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 87g including batteries




Set includes:

  • 1 x Ear IR Thermometer
  • 2 x AAA 1.5V battery ( FREE )
  • 1 x Soft carrying pouch
  • Instruction Manual

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