SL-5868P-CD Sound Level Meter with RS-232C Software CD

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This sound level meter data-logger is durable and usable for a very broad field of application such as machines, traffic, vehicle, architecture acoustics, environment noise and electric noise, ship, office environment, workshop, flight and other noise. Fit for industry environment protecting, working, sanitation, teaching research and other departments.


  • Conforms with all the essential health and safety standards & requirements set out by the European Directives
  • IEC651 Type 2, ANSI 1.4 Type 2
  • Multi functional wide range and built-in calibration signal of 94dB at 1kHz (sinusoidal)
  • Offers 4 measurement parameters Lp (sound level), Leq (equivalent continuous A sound level), Lmax (maximum sound level), LN (percent of all readings over alarm value set)
  • Permits 'A', 'C', or 'Flat' weighting choices and Slow / Fast response time
  • With memory of 30 groups of measurement results and measuring conditions
  • Gathered data in meter can be saved, retrieved and deleted and downloaded or transfer to computer directly plus it can also be exported to MS excel.
  • With adjustable alarm set and an LED alarm output
  • With 0-1.3V, 10mV/dB DC output and auto range selection
  • Delivers ultra accurate reading with no guessing errors with high resolution
  • Features instant, easy to read, legibly written results indicating a specific value
  • With adjustable auto power off that can be changed to any value between 1-9min and can also be manually turned off anytime.


  • Standardization: IEC651 Type 2 , ANSI S1. 4 Type 2
  • PC interface: CD Software + RS232C Jack-to-Serial Cable with FREE Serial to USB Adapter 
  • Support  WIN 8
  • Measurement range: 
    • Lp : 30~130dB (A) ,35~130dB (C) , 35~130dB (F)
    • Leq : 30~130dB (10s,1m,5m,10m,5m,30m,1h,8h,24h interval)
    • LN. : 0~100%
  • Resolution: 0.1dB
  • Accuracy: ±1dB
  • Frequency range: 20.0 ~ 12,500Hz
  • Frequency weighting: A,C & F (Flat)
  • Built-in calibration signals : 94dB at 1kHz (sinusoidal) 
  • Memory: 30 groups max
  • Time weighting: FAST125mS,SLOW: 1 sec.
  • DC output: 0~1.3V,10mv/dB
  • Microphone: 0.5" Electret condenser microphone
  • Display: 14mm (0.55") LCD Screen with backlight
  • Built-in battery condition indicator
  • Alarm: electron, adjustable,30~130dB set, LED and optional relay contact (NC) output
  • Power off: Manual or adjustable Auto Power off time
  • Power supply: 4 x 1.5v AAA (UM-4 battery)  or  External 6V DC 100mA (not included)
  • Size: 236 x 63 x 26 mm
  • Weight: 170g (excluding batteries)


 Set Includes:

  • 1 x Sound Level Meter
  • 1 x CD software and Cables for USB / RS232C connection
  • 1 x  Windscreen Filter Ball
  • 1 x English instruction booklet
  • Hard plastic carry case


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