S07PG-410-N Mini Digital GPS Receiver and Location Finder Camping Hiking

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Model: S07PG-410-N


This GPS receiver and location finder displays geography coordinates,velocity & altitude,digital clock, and features a distance and mileage recording function! Best of all,this powerful GPS reciever comes in the size of a keychain.



What makes this GPS receiver special?Unlike other GPS receivers,this GPS receiver comes with a DOT matrix display. This means you can actually see what you're doing,such as when selecting a feature or activating a function.Most GPS receivers rely on the user to memorize a sequence of commands in order to operate their GPS location finder,(boring). Actually having a screen and seeing what exactly you're doing,makes all the difference in the world.

This GPS location finder can also store up to 24 POI (Points of Interest).Most GPS units can only handle a few, and they don't even come in a compact form factor. Perfect uses for this GPS receiver and location finder include mountain climbing,hiking, bike riding, camping...the list goes on.

Whether you're out and about or going on a holiday, this GPS receiver can show you how fast you're traveling and at what altitude, as well as display your exact geographical coordinates in real time. This is a GPS location finder that will never cease to amaze, it can even records your journey and later checks to see how fast you've been traveling as well as the total distance traveled.


Features :

  • Store up to 24 POI
  • Ultra portable GPS
  • World's smallest personal GPS guider
  • Altitude + Longitude display
  • Record travel speed and time
  • Perfect for hiking, camping, jogging, mountain climbing, etc
  • Quick reacquisition of satellites
  • Accurate within 10 meters
  • Low power consumption



  • Main function : GPS Receiver + Location Finder
  • Color : Dark Green/Black
  • Material : Hard Moulded ABS Plastic
  • Maximum GPS Update Rate : 10 Hz
  • Display : 128 (H) x 64 (W) Dot Matrix Display Screen
  • Flash Memory : 512K
  • On-Board Buttons : 3 Buttons (ON/OFF, Navigate Left/Right) To select a mode, navigate to mode and press the ON/OFF button
  • Accuracy
    • Position : Up to 10 meters
    • Velocity : 0.1m/second
  • Time to Start :
    • Hot Start : 5 seconds approx.
    • Warm Start : 40 seconds approx.
    • Cold Start : 2 Minutes approx.
  • Sensitivity
    • Tracking : 161 dBm
    • Re-Acquisition : 157 dBm
    • Acquisition : 148 dBm
  • Protocol : NMEA-0183 v3.01
  • Settings :Backlight, Clock, Time Zone, Measure Unit, Clear POI, Cold Start, Reset Default
  • Power source : Built-in rechargeable battery (3.7v, 390mAh lithium battery)
  • Charge : 5V via USB
  • Operating Time : 17 hours, Approx
  • Operating Temperature : -20 to + 55 Degrees Celsius
  • Dimensions : 65(L) x 6(W) x 17(D)mm
  • Certification : CE, FCC, RoHS


Set includes:

  • 1 x GPS Location Finder
  • 1 x Key Chain Holder
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • English User Manual
  • Blister Packaging

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