PHM-230 Digital Online pH & Temperature Continuous Monitor Meter, Water Quality Monitoring Tester for Aquarium Swimming Pool Tank Hydroponic Pond Spa

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Model: PHM-230

This is a water-resistant pH meter with built-in digital LCD. Has BNC connector that is protected by a waterproof sheath. The electrode also has a unique clog-resistant Teflon that enhances both probe life and accuracy.

Calibration can be manually performed at 1 or 2 points digitally via the two easily accessible buttons on the front of the unit.

Has a specifically designed housing to sit out of the way and provide maximum stability while preventing rolling from any surface.

Applications: Designed to meet the Grower's need for equipment suited to the aggressive environments found in agricultural and hydroponics applications. Also best for aquariums, pools, & ponds.



  • 4-digits digital LCD screen
  • Auto-ranging to 4pH with fine tune digital calibration by push button
  • 2-point calibration
  • Suited for outdoor installations and highly humid environments
  • With molded keyhole holder allows the meter to be installed close to the sample
  • Has 6V DC power supply is ideal for continuous monitoring over extended periods of time



  • Range: 0.0~14.0 pH ;  0~50°C
  • Resolution: 0.01 pH ; 0.1°C
  • Accuracy: ±0.02 pH ; 0.5°C
  • Power Supply: DC 6V
  • Operating Environment: 0~50°C (32~122°F); ≤95% RH
  • Main unit size: 10 x 4.8 x 15cm
  • Main unit weight: 185g


  • 1 x pH & Temperature Monitor
  • 1 x pH electrode
  • 1 x Temperature probe
  • 1 x 4.01 pH calibration powder
  • 1 x 6.86 pH calibration powder
  • 1 x 9.18 pH calibration powder
  • 1 x Power Adaptor 
  • English User manual