MH320 Portable Leeb Hardness Tester Meter Guage 170~960 HLD Dot Matrix LCD with integrated high speed thermal printer and alarm function

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MH320 portable Leeb hardness tester is based on Leeb hardness measurement principle. It can be widely used in metal processing and manufacturing, special equipment, permanent component failure analysis, inspection and other fields. It has rich information, stable performance and integrated high-speed thermal printer, which enables printing with instant measurement results.


  • Die cavity of molds
  • Bearings and other parts
  • Failure analysis of pressure vessel, steam generator and other equipment
  • Heavy work piece
  • The installed machinery and permanently assembled parts.
  • Testing surface of a small hollow space
  • Requirements of formal original record for test results
  • Material identification in the warehouse of metallic materials
  • Rapid testing in large range and multi-measuring areas for large-scale work piece


  • Measure the Leeb hardness of all metallic materials.
  • Measuring range is(170~960)HLD
  • It uses 128 × 64 dot matrix LCD screen
  • Working time is about 150 hour
  • Integrated thermal printer with the instrument as a whole, and quiet operation, fast print speeds, you can print the test report on-site.
  • Improve production efficiency and pass rate and is a wise choice to save the cost of production.
  • One main unit can match to 6 impact devices
  • USB interface
  • High brightness, easy to use in dimly lit environments and intense sunlight.
  • It will alarm automatically if it is out of range alarm
  • Wide measuring range. Based on the principle of Leeb hardness testing theory.
  • One main unit can match to 6 impact devices
  • Support Steel, when using D/DC sensor to test steel,it can show HB directly.
  • Upper and lower limit can be preset. It will alarm automatically if it is out of range alarm
  • 500 groups (impact times 32 ~ 1) information including single measured value, mean value, testing date, impact direction, impact times, material and hardness scale etc.
  • Thermal printer integrated, convenient for in field printing.
  • Software calibration automatically
  • NI-MH rechargeable battery as the power source. Continuous working period of not less than 150 hours 
  • Dot Matrix LCD with High brightness. Auto power off.
  • Battery indicates the remaining capacity and the charge status.
  • Can connect by USB port to PC.
  • Chinese-English simple menu operation
  • Small size, highly integrated, stable and reliable performance, suitable for harsh environment field, prevent from vibration, shock and electromagnetic interference.



1 x Main Unit
1 x Standard Leeb Hardness Tester Block D
1 x D Type Impact Device
1 x Small Support Ring
1 x Nylon Brush A
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Operation Manual
1 x ABS Carrying Case


Optional Items

  • Nylon Brush B (for G Impact Device)
  • Other Type of Impact Devices
  • Other Type of Support Rings
  • Hardness Test Block G


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