MG-22181 Mini Portable 2 in 1 Jeweler's Loupe 10X & 20X Magnifier Dual Lens

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Model : MG-22181


Made with precision, HEAVY DUTY, HIGH QUALITY and one of the most important tools used to inspect gemstones and other jewelry. With its special OPTICAL GLASS with 10x & 20x powerful magnification lenses, objects appear to be larger and reveal tiny details that couldn't seen with normal vision even the very smallest detail into sharp focus such as tiny crystals, trace minerals, grain surfaces, and micro fossils. It comes with a Cushioned Sturdy storage case for protection and ease of carrying anywhere.


Usage & Applications:

It can be used in a number of different industries, notably in jewelry trade, photography, printing, laboratories, etc. Used for many soldering applications to inspect a printed circuit board with small surface components on it, to carefully analyze how ink lays on paper while register film separations to one another, to check registration of colors, estimate dot-gain, and diagnose issues with roller pressure and chemistry based on the shape of individual dots and rosettes, and to review, edit or analyze negatives and slides on a light table, for viewing the ground glass image to aid focusing, for a real close-up inspection of Gems, Diamonds and Minerals, circuit board films, reading fine prints, stamps, jewelry and coins, photos, aid to collectors, scientists, hobbyists, and antiques or any other small intricate items.


Have our product, a lightweight, powerful magnifier that has impeccable optics where distortion & color problems are corrected and is easy to use. Get the best for demanding jobs!




  • With 10x & 20x magnification
  • With 2 diameter options, 18mm & 12mm
  • Durable & built to last long, indeed a value for your money device
  • Complete with FREE sturdy carrying case with cushioned compartments that fits the device perfectly, an added protection for the device.


  • 2 Loupes in 1 Folding
  • 10x magnification 18mm Diameter
  • 20x magnification 12mm Diameter
  • Length when completely Closed: 2 inches

Set Includes:

  • 1 x  2 in 1 Jeweler's Loupe
  • 1 x English Instruction Manual
  • Sturdy carrying case with cushioned compartments 

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