M0198652 Handheld USB Thermo-Hygro-Anemometer with Integrated Vane HVAC Made in Taiwan

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Model: M0198652

This compact size Thermo-Hygro-Anemometer with integrated vane that enables one hand operation measures wind speed, temperature, RH, Dew point, Wet Bulb Temperature and Air Volume. It is designed up to 5 square area and 5 round area size for quick calculating of air volume and comes with USB cable and CD software for transferring parameters online (real time) to computer for further analysis. This tool is useful for HVAC engineers and sailors.




  • HVAC (Heat Ventilation Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration) and home inspection for examining the heating and air conditioning systems
  • Construction and industrial inspection
  • Outdoor weather monitoring to avoid unnecessary heat stroke while training outside





    • Average wind speed from store 20 points memory
    • With Recall and Reset function
    • Optional Backlight
    • USB interface
    • Displays Temperature, RH, Dew Point and Wet bulb temperatures
    • Auto power off function
    • Integrated vane with one hand operation
    • Max / Min function to view highest and lowest recorded data
    • Data Hold function to freeze reading while measuring
    • Large Dual display with battery low indication
    • USB and CD software to transfer parameters online (real time) to personal computer for further analysis
    • Easy to enter air source area for air volume calculation




    • Temperature
      • Range: -15.0~ 50°C (14.0~122.0°F)
      • Accuracy: ±0.6°C
      • Resolution: 0.1°C/°F
    • Air Velocity
      • Range: 0.4~35ms, 80~5900ftm
      • Accuracy: ±3% of FS
      • Wind Unit: m/s, ftm, kmh, mph, knot, cms, cfm
    • Air Volume Measurement : 0~9999m3/ S
    • Relative Humidity (RH)
      • Range : 5~95%
      • Resolution : 0.1 %
      • Accuracy : ±3% RH( at 25°C  30 ~ 95%RH) ±5% RH (at 25°C, 10~30%RH)
    • Calculate air volume in second by enter wind source area, may store up to 5 area value
    • Other Function: Dew Point Temperature (DP), Wet Bulb Temperature (WB)
    • Maximum / Minimum function
    • Recall function
    • Area storage : store up to 5 area / 7 round size areas
    • Memory : 20 points
    • Average :  up to 20 points (CNS standard)
    • Power : 3 x AAA
    • Operating Environment
      • Temperature: 0~50°C
      • RH %: <80 % RH
    • Meter size: 244 (with vane) x 77(max) x 43mm (T)


    Set Includes:

    • 1 x USB Integrated Thermo-Hygro-Anemometer with Integrated Vane
    • 3 x AAA battery
    • 1 x USB cable
    • 1 x CD Online (Realtime) Software
    • 1 x English User's Manual
    • 1 x Carrying pouch
    • Standard packaging Box

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