LDM-158 Handheld Ultrasonic Laser Distance Meter 60M

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Model : LDM-158


This double unit rangefinder can measure from 0.5m to 60m (20inch to 197ft) in both imperial and metric system. This advance version of our rangefinder is equipped with measurement sensivity adjustment for different measuring purposes measure temperature, store up to 10 memory units that can be recalled and deletedbacklight and a laser indicator. It has 10 memory units that will be stored untill the clear button is pressed or until the battery has been changed. 5 memory units available for different lengths, volumes, areas and 5 memory units for 5 sum data storage. Its dynamic big LCD displays clear results with 2 seconds response time. It enables you to measure the area, volume and length with flexibility, accuracy and efficiency. It automatically calculates the total area & volume and takes the sum of consecutive length measurements. Select your own starting point, an indicator for front and rear starting point is displayed on screen. Equipped with precise measuring technology and accurate computation and laser guide system. Plus, surely its safe to use, high quality, accurate and ensures the confidence in the quality of goods & services; this rangefinder is ISO9001 and UKAS certified and has CE marking -- approval from the European Directives for health and safety requirements.


Operation is simple. Push a button quickly for measuring distances and scan the field/area/location and another button push to get the result instantly. With a slide button you can easily toggle between imperial and metric measurement system.




  • Wide measuring option, 20M/60M
  • Backlight and laser indicator
  • Adjustable Measuring Sensitivity for different measuring purposes
  • Measuring temperature
  • Option usage for Double & Single unit rangefinder
  • 10 memory units
  • Data store, recall and delete
  • Quick 2 seconds response time
  • Clear and big LCD screen with backlight
  • Hold function
  • Measure in imperial / metric
  • Start point selection
  • Automatically computes Area and Volume
  • Takes the sum of consecutive length measurements
  • Low battery indication
  • With clear visual notification and audible sound to guide the correct measurement or when there is an error in reading as well as in reading confirmation
  • Auto/manual shut-off
  • Ultrasonic Design
  • Ergonomic soft-grip area for sure grip and comfort
  • When summing up length, maximum length in feet 999, 10 in inches and 600 in meters
  • ISO9001 and UKAS certified
  • With CE marking, approved by the European Directive for health and safety requirements
  • Regulatory approvals laser guide system
  • Key sounds, beep for wrong reading finding and reading confirmation



  • Measuring range
    • Single unit: 0.5m ~ 20m (20 inch ~ 65 feet)
    • Double unit: 1 ~ 60m (39-3/8 inch ~ 197 feet)
  • Accuracy
    • Single unit: 0.5 ~ 20m ± 1% (± 1/4 in or ± 1cm)
    • Double unit: 1 ~ 60m ± 1% (± 1/2 in or ± 2cm)
  • Conditions of test : 0 ~ 30ºC, 30% ~ 70%RH
  • Working frequency : single unit-40KHZ; Double unit-25KHZ
  • Current consumption
    • Stand-by current: less than or equal to 50 µ A;
    • Operating current: 16 ~ 35 m A
  • Operating environment
    • Temperature: 0 ~ 48ºC (32~100ºF)
    • Humidity: 30% ~ 80%RH
  • Auto shut-off: 120 sec (approx)
  • LCD backlight
  • Power supply: 9V battery
  • Battery life: (new battery) 50 hours continuous operations
  • Store temperature : -10 ~ +60ºC
    • Dimension
    • Main unit: 150 x 75 x 44 mm
  • Target: 118 x 74 x 23 mm
  • Weight
    • Main unit: 210g(battery not included)
    • Target: 110g(battery not included)


Set Includes

  • 1 x  Ultrasonic Laser Distance Meter
  • 2 x FREE 9V battery
  • 1 x FREE Protective carrying case with contoured rubber for maximum shock absorption
  • 1 x English Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Presentable packaging box

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