G01GR365 Digital Level Angle Finder Tilt Gauge Spirit Level with Magnetic Base ±180°

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This Digital angle gauge with levels is an innovative tool that provides digital reading between ±180.00° exclusive. This device has a flip-up display for convenient reading of results and has a strong magnetic base with V-groove making it easy to stick to the surface being measured even on pipes or cylindrical surfaces.



  • Works great for minter saws and table saws.
  • Sets the angle of jointer fences and band saw tables
  • Machine cone bevel measuring and bevel measuring in processing
  • Telecommunication industry : Radar antenna angle calibration,elevation measuring for secondary planet antenna and television receiver
  • Automobile : four-wheel location,pavement control and leveling for construction vehicles



  • Strong magnetic base with v-groove
  • Flip-up LCD
  • ±180°Range
  • Repeatability : ±0.1°
  • Hold Function
  • Relative angle reading
  • Bubble icon for digital level are always set in Dead Level
  • Digital Tilt Gauge compared to set in Dead Level
  • Low battery indicator



  • Measuring range : ±180.00°
  • Resolution : 0.1°
  • Repeatability : ±0.1°
  • Working current : <100µA
  • Dimension : 51 x 51 x 33mm (2 x 3 x 1.3 inches)
  • Power : 2 x AAA battery (not included)


Set includes:

  • 1 x Digital Angle Finder with Digital Level and Tilt Gauge
  • 1 x English User's Manual
  • Blister Packaging box  

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