E04-029 Car Data Saver 12V DC Hold Memory Code Engine Maintenance Radio Station Clock Setting

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Model : E04-029

Normally, when you change a car's storage battery, the car's on-board computer will be turned off and the relevant data and personal settings (such as radio station setting, clock setting, etc) will be lost. The Car Data Saver solve it all can be used to keep your car's computer powered while you perform battery change. It needs an additional car or a 12V storage battery as a power supplier and outputs the voltage which it receives to the car whose storage battery you want to be change. Two connection options are available to allow the memory protector to be connected either through the cigarette lighter socket or directly to the vehicles battery leads.

It is a very useful tool for workshops, roadside assistance applications and other car service.


  • Surge voltage protection
  • Output shortcircuit protection
  • Holds data from the vehicles when perfoming battery change
  • 2 types of adaptor:
    • Adaptor A - output plug can be inserted to the cigarette lighter socket of the car
    • Adaptor B - output clips can be connected to the connecting terminals



  • Connection: cigarette input plug or black and red input clip
  • Operating Temperature : 0~40°C
  • Storage Temperature : -10~50°C


Set Comprise:

  • 1 x Car Data Saver
  • 1 x Adapter A with output plug
  • 1 x Adapter B with Black & Red output clip
  • English Instruction Manual

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