DT-6236B 2in1 Digital Laser Photo Tachometer Non-Contact & Contact RPM Gauge CE Marking Handheld Tester

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This is a digital, battery-powered portable optical tachometer operates up to 500mm from a reflective target using a laser light source. It allows safe, direct line-of-sight viewing of both the rotating target and the display at the same time and gives RPM reading exactly with no guessing or errors. It provides fast and accurate RPM and surface speed measurements and combines both contact and non-contact models for use in all applications. It is featured with high accuracy measurement, quick measuring time and long detecting distance up to 500 mm (20 inch) with Laser. Gives 3 measurement options in one meter, photo or laser measurement, contact measurement and surface speed measurement:

 Laser Photo (non-contact):
It measures the rotational speed (RPM) using a visible red light beam from a powerful LED. Just attach a reflective sticker to the rotating part and point the beam on the mark from a safe distance.

*Rotational Speed (contact):
It measure the Rotational Speed (RPM) comes with contact tips that can be used to touch the rotating axle. This is great when a reflective tape cannot be attached, e.g. due to grease or water.

* Surface Speed (Contact):
With the precision wheel you can measure meter per minutes (m/min). This is great for all kinds of belts. Conversion table to ft/min, inch/min included!


  • Tested according to European international guidelines and standards (CE Marking)
  • Ergonomic design, fits comfortably in either hand
  • Highly visible LCD screen with clear and accurate test results
  • Offers 3 measurement options: photo/laser, contact, and surface speed
  • Can be used in both non-contact (laser) measurement & contact measurement
  • With visual laser guide
  • Wide measuring range 99,999 RPM and high resolution
  • Durable and built to last long
  • Can be used in model engines, propellers, wood and metal working to accurately measure the speed of a lathe
  •  Use Microcomputer (CPU) and junction laser technique to combine Photo (RPM) and Contact Tachometer (RPM, m/min) into 1 meter
  • New surface speed sensor with flute veils to measure speed and length of wire, cable and rope conveniently


  • Measurement Range: 
    • PHOTO/LASER : 2.5 to 99,999RPM
    • CONTACT: 0.5 to 19,999RPM
    • SURFACE SPEED: 0.05 to 1,999.9m/min
  • Resolution:
    • PHOTO/LASER: 0.1 RPM (from 2.5 to 999.9 RPM)
      • 1 RPM (over 1,000 RPM)
    • Resolution: CONTACT: 0.1 RPM (from 0.5 to 999.9 RPM)
      • 1 RPM (over 1,000 RPM)
    • Resolution: SURFACE SPEED: 0.01 m/min (0.05 to 99.99 m/min)
      • 0.1 m/min (over 100 m/min)
  • Display: Large 5 digit LCD
  • Accuracy: ±(0.05% + 1 digit)
  • Sampling Time: 0.8 sec (over 60 RPM)
  • Time base: Quartz Crystal
  • Automatic Test Range Selection
  • Detecting Range: 50 to 500mm / 2 to 20inch (photo/laser)
  • Memory: Last value, Max. value, Min. value
  • Power: 4 x 1.5V AA Size Battery (not included)

Set Includes
  • 1 x 2-in-1 Digital Photo & Contact Tachometer
  • 3 x Reflective Tape Mark (total600 mm)
  • 1 x Contact speed measurement fitting
  • 3 x Contact rotational speed measurement fitting
  • English Quick Start Guide
  • Standard factory package

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