DMT-2 Dual 2-in-1 Diamond / Moissanite Tester + Adaptor

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Model: DMT-2


This one step dual tester with unmatched performance and ease of use can tell the difference between a real diamond and a well crafted piece of moissanite or synthetic diamonds within a mere 1.5 seconds. Recovery time between tests is an astonishing 1 second! Housed in a high impact plastic case, it is everything one needs to identify real diamonds from moissanite and other simulants in rapid succession, whether mounted or un-mounted.

Testing process is so simple and precise! With the touch of a button, the device can spot a fake diamond in just 1.5 seconds! Just touch the probe to the stone - lights will show if it's moissanite & a genuine Diamond; the tester will confirm the result by beeps - no beep means it is CZ or another fake, a first continuous beep means diamond (green light), or it will be followed by a lower continuous beep to indicate moissanite (red light).

A useful device for retail jewelers, pawnshops, police departments, online jewelry, flea market, estate jewelry and any other jewelry seller or buyer who needs to know if a gold item is really gold and whether diamonds are real or fake. Its very reliable and fast electronic diamond moissanite tester (when used appropriately and according to the directions).


The Diamond & Moissanite Tester Takes The Guessing Out! All-In-One Tester - it's the best protection from all Diamond Simulants including Synthetic Moissanite!


  • One touch tester and completely portable
  • Three minute shut-off alert to save battery
  • Simple on-off switch, no tricky adjustments
  • Comes with complete instructions and is 100% accurate
  • Eliminate all known diamond simulants including Synthetic Moissanite
  • Test both loose diamonds and set stones
  • Option to use battery or Power Adaptor (both are included)
  • 3 audible sounds to give a warning buzzer for metal surface, diamond and moissanite
  • LED light visual indicator for moissanite, diamond, warming up process and ready state
  • Guaranteed to be factory fresh, shipped promptly in the manufacturer's boxes and covered by the manufacturer's warranty



Set includes:

  • 1 x Dual Moissanite & Diamond Tester
  • 1 x Power adaptor (available in US/UK/AU/EU plug))
  • 1 x 9V Battery ( FREE )
  • 1 x Testing Platform
  • Instruction Manual  

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