CLMG-7300 Foldable Jadeite Filter for Gem, Emerald, Jewelry Identification Tools Metal Body

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Designed to transmit only deep red and yellow-green light (best obtained under strong electric light). Just hold the filter close to your eye and look at the stones. Multiple stones can be viewed at once. It is helpful with identifying a few red gems and certain blue and green stones. Can filter out mixed-in jewelry and differentiate emerald from emerald look alike. It is also useful for checking aquamarine and sapphires.

It has a glass filter. This gives better clarity, reduces distortion and provides better protection from humidity. It is also a combination of two gelatin filters that transmit only deep red and yellow/green light. As Emeralds transmit light in the deep red spectrum but absorb light in the yellow/green spectrum, this combination is the most practical. It is a useful tool to distinguish natural emerald and natural green beryl, as well as most green and blue gems.


Features :

  • Equipped with a Glass Filter which gives better clarity
  • Reduces distortion and provides better protection from humidity
  • Heavy Duty and very reliable and transportable
  • Doesn't need to hold it closer to the stone, even items in showcases can be examined providing they are lit by strong lights
  • Accurately distinguish the real nature of the gems in an instant
  • Approved by strict quality and safety standards for long and trouble-free life
  • Guaranteed high-quality and accurate testing results


  • Filter Diameter : 20mm
  • Body: Made of metal

Set includes :

  • 1 x Jadeite Filter
  • 1 x Synthetic Leather Carry Case
  • Standard Packaging Box

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