E-314 Replacement pH Electrode with Calibration Powder, 0-14 pH Highly Accurate Probe with BNC Connector & 200cm Cable for Continuous Liquid Measurement

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This pH electrode is designed for both laboratory use and continuous pH monitoring. It has a BNC-type socket with 200cm-long cable that allows you to connect directly to the input terminal of your pH meter, pH controller or any pH device that has a BNC input terminal. Its wide application includes but not limits to swimming pools, spas, fish tanks, aquariums, aquaculture and hydroponics.

Re-use your meter portion indefinitely with this replacement pH electrode. 


  • Continuous Liquid Measurement
  • Long Cable replacement pH electrode 
  • 50 Ohm BNC type connector
  • Glass bulb
  • Easy to calibrate using your pH measuring device
  • Easy monitoring of pH accurately
  • Comes with protective cap 


  • Sensor Type: General-purpose combination pH electrode
  • Dimensions: Φ12*160mm
  • Construction Material: Polymer housing and glass bulb
  • pH range: 0~14pH
  • Working temperature: 0~60°C (32~140°F)
  • Zero potential: 7.0 ±0.25pH (under 25°C / 77°F)
  • Percentage of slope: ≥ 97% (under 25°C / 77°F)
  • Internal resistance: ≤ 250 MΩ (under 25°C / 77°F)
  • Alkaline error: 0.2pH (under 25°C / 77°F)
  • Response time: ≤ 1 min
  • Connection: 50 Ohm BNC with fixed cable
  • Cable length: 200 cm (78.7")

Set Includes: 

  • 1 x pH electrode 
  • 1 x pH 4.00 calibration powder
  • 1 x pH 6.86 calibration powder
  • 1 x pH 9.18 calibration powder
  • User Manual in English
  • Protective Carrying Case

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