SNS-CO2TUBING Drilled Tubing Grow Room Carbon Dioxide Distribution CO2 Tubing Injection System Compatible CO2 Regulator CO2 Controller for Grow Tent, Greenhouse

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  • Tube Length: 300 inches  (25ft)
  • Tube Diameter:
    • Outer Diameter: 0.23 inches (6mm)
    • Inner Diameter: 0.15 inches (4mm)
  • Showers plants with CO2
  • Effective and efficient CO2 enrichment
  • Extendable via additional tubing
  • Made of high-quality materials

    Can be used together with the following CO2 Controller

                       7530                                                AQM-356

The CO2 Rain System kit set includes:

  • Laser-drilled dispensing tubing
  • Plastic ( T ) fitting
  • 6 eye screws to attach to the ceiling for dispensing tubing
  • Comprehensive Instructions Manual

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