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New endoscopes now available at Gain Express

Committed to innovating and providing products and services with the finest quality, Gain Express has launched three new endoscopes to offer worldwide. These endoscopes are some of the best among others available in the market today as they are guaranteed with prime features and functionality.

END-23_1M END-23_3M END-23_5M

These new digital endoscopes offer the same features -- the only distinct difference between these three is the length of their cables: 1m, 3m, and 5m cable. These cables are flexible, giving you access to distant areas and greater depths with detail and accuracy. These can also be bent and tilted, allowing you to peek into confined spaces including those with curves.

These endoscopes can magnify objects up to four times through their 0.3-megapixel high-definition cameras. These cameras have a diameter of 8.22mm and are equipped with six adjustable LED lights, giving you a clear and detailed view of the object or area being inspected on its 2.7” full-color LCD display.

These dustproof and waterproof designed devices can capture and store high definition videos and still photographs that you can rotate up to 360 degrees. It offers an image resolution of up to 3 megapixels (JPG format) and video resolution of up to 720 pixels (AVI format).

All of these rechargeable endoscopes have a battery life of five to six hours and seven menu languages you can choose from: English, German, Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian and Japanese.

With a user-friendly and robust design, these compact endoscopes can be held in your hands, much like a camera. This is indeed an economical solution to a wide range of applications such as automotive and diesel repair and maintenance, equipment and area inspection, plumbing, construction, restoration as well as science education and outdoor exploration.

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