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Introducing Gain Express’s new gas leak detector

Gain Express's recently-added gas leak detector LKD-36 is a handheld device that can detect gas leaks through its 16-inch long, slim gooseneck sensor. Due to the sensor's high precision and sensitivity of 50 ppm, it can detect even the tiniest source of leakage in an instant. The sensor's length and sensitivity can also be adjusted for different situations.


During the past years, people used the old soap and water method for detecting gas leaks which have been proven to be ineffective in detecting the precise location of a gas leak, specifically the small sources. It's a good thing that, with the technology and innovation today, gas leak detectors and sniffers became available in the market, providing many precise results for non-destructive gas leak detection.

Soap and water method VS Gas leak detector

This portable device has a battery life of eight hours and comes with an earphone socket that you can use in noisy environments.

Ideal for home and industry use, this handheld gas detector can detect combustible, non-combustible and poison gases such as natural gas, propane, methane, propanol, ethanol, ammonia, steam, CO, gasoline, spraying fuel, smoke, industrial solvents, paint, and naphtha.

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