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Gain Express launches another set of sound level meters

Gain Express continues to innovate and provide high-quality products as they bring out a new batch of sound level meters. Aside from being portable, these new meters are guaranteed to be accurate when it comes to readings -- which is always a top priority for sound meter buyers.

Like the current models, these new items are also beneficial to different applications: electronics quality control, occupational safety and health, noise engineering, sound quality control, various environmental noise, and noise pollution.



With its compact style, SLM-25 is an easy-to-use datalogging sound meter that will provide you accurate readings in a greater range. This decibel meter can read between 30dB-130dB and has a frequency weighting of A/C.

This decibel meter can be connected to a computer to transfer and store data using compatible software and display live data on the computer screen. The maximum data recording limit can be adjusted through its PC interface compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.



If you're looking for a portable sound level meter capable of reducing wind noise and effect to get more accurate readings, then SLM-24 is the best choice.

This high-accuracy sound level meter can read between 30dB-130dB and has a frequency weighting of A/C. This unit has a fast and slow time weighting function and comes with a USB cable for power supply.



Among these new sound level meters, SLM-30 is the most affordable one but still boasts satisfying features.

Equipped with weighting filter A, this sound meter produces precise readings as the set comes with a ball-type wind filter that sifts unimportant noise. It also features a min/max/lock current value, data hold function and automatic/manual shut-off, making it easy to use.

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