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Gain Express adds new lux meters to collection

Hong Kong-based e-commerce website Gain Express welcomes three new lux meters to its array of top-notch products. These new lux meters can provide readings both in lux and foot-candles, each boasting different attributes.

Primarily used for checking illuminance on a given surface, these durable lux meters are designed for different applications – environmental monitoring, health and safety checks, industrial applications and inspections, electro-optical sources, illumination control, agriculture researching, as well as cinematography.



Applied in the field of cinematography and scenic design, LUX-29 can measure up to 200,000 lux with an accuracy level of ±4% (0~10,000 Lux); ±10% ±5% rdg (above 10,000 Lux).

This lux meter comes with a detachable light sensor and can be connected to a computer to transfer and store data through a PC interface compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.



Affordable and portable best describes LUX-31. This four-digit LCD display unit has an accuracy level of ±3%rdg ±0.5%fs (<10000 Lux); ±4%rdg ±10dgts (>10000 Lux) and can measure up to 200,000 lux. It is easy to use, durable and has a battery life of eighteen hours.



This lux and Fc switchable meter has an accuracy rating of ±4% (0~10,000 Lux); ±10% (above 10000 Lux) and can measure up to 200,000 lux. It features a data hold function and Min/Max/Avg function while time, date, and bar graph display are shown through its large screen.

It comes with a detachable light sensor and USB cable for power supply ideal for cinematography, environmental monitoring, and agriculture use.

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