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Sharing Knowledge: A Guide to Making Dreams a Reality

Sharing knowledge has helped mankind evolve into the intelligent and productive people they were today: sharing that Alibaba and Gain Express Holdings Ltd. encourages. is the global leader in e-commerce for small businesses and a flagship company of the Alibaba Group. They hosted a seminar to share the experience and knowledge of every trader in running a business. For their program, they invited the most capable experts from all the traders in Alibaba. One of the speakers is the owner of Gain Express Holdings Ltd., Mr. Danny Wong. Mr. Wong outlined what investment is all about. He also explained the dos and don'ts in considering a product and to look at the finer point before making a decision. It was indeed an informative day for all the traders who attended the seminar.

"I hope that the information gathered at the seminar will be of value to you in making your dreams into reality." - Danny Wong

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