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VC-2002 Digital Function Signal Generator Multimeter 0.2Hz-2MHz

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Model: VC-2002


The Digital Function Signal Generator is an instrument use for testing instrument accurately. This unit is capable of producing output 7 frequency ranges from0.2Hz to 2MHz in SineSquareRectangleSawtooth and triangle waveforms. It is designed with large scale integrated circuit that ensures high reliability and high stability. This high quality unit is perfect for the engineer or student for uses in an electronic lab, production line or teaching environment all for a very reasonable cost.



  • Convenient and safe to operate with high intelligence for using the single microprocessor to control running and displaying
  • Frequency and amplitude displayed simultaneouslyeand adjustabl
  • Output wave-form such as sine, square, rectangle, sawtooth and triangle wave
  • Frequency Range from 0.2Hz to 2MHz



  • Output Frequency Range: 0.2Hz~2MHz in ranges
    • 0.2Hz ~ 2Hz
    • 2Hz ~ 20Hz
    • 20Hz ~ 200Hz
    • 200Hz ~ 2kHz
    • 2kHz ~ 20kHz
    • 20kHz ~ 200kHz
    • 200kHz ~ 2MHz
  • 5-digit LED frequency display, 3-digit LED amplitude display synchronously
  • Output waveforms: sine wave, rectangle wave, sawtooth, square wave and triangle wave
  • Frequency of output signal: 0.2Hz~2MHz
  • Output signal impedance 50Ω
  • Duty cycle: 20%~80%
  • Width of output signal adjustable continuously
  • Output signal amplitude (with load 1MΩoutput signal amplitude will be half of standard at 50Ω load)
    • Non-attenuate (2 Vp-p ~ 20 Vp-p) ± 20% continuously adjustable
    • Attenuate 20dB (0.2 Vp-p ~ 2.0 Vp-p) ±20% continuously adjustable
    • Attenuate 40dB (20 mVp-p ~ 200 mVp-p) ±20% continuously adjustable
  • Output signal features:
    • Sine wave distortion : less than 2%.
    • Triangle wave linear: more than 99% (10%-90% of output amplitude)
    • Square wave rise edge times: less than 100ns (10- 90% of output amplitude)
    • Square wave fall edge times: less than 100ns (10-90% of output amplitude)
    • Square wave rise and fall pulse:less than or equal to 5%Vo (50Ω load)
    • Test condition: frequency output: 10 KHz, amplitude: 5 Vp-p, warm-up for 20 minutes
  • Function output symmetry adjust scope: 20%~80% (±10%)
    • edge times: <100nS (10%-90% of output amplitude)
  • Amplitude display (only for 50 Oload, at 1 MOload, the real output amplitude is double of the displaying value):
    • Display digits: 2/3 digits (decimal point automatic select place).
    • Display units: Vp-p or mVp-p.
    • Display errors: Vo ± 10% ± 1d (Vo refers to the true value of output signal)
    • Resolution: non-attenuate 0.2 Vp-p
      20dB attenuate: 20 mVp-p
      40dB attenuate: 2 mVp-p
  • Measurement error =0.5%
  • Time base Symmetry frequency: 12MHz, frequency stability: ±5×10-5
  • Working temperature: 0 °C~ 40 °C
  • Power supply: 110V/220V (50Hz/60Hz)
  • Power consumption : 15W
  • Color: ivory-white
  • Dimensions: 270 x 215 x 100mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight Approx:1.6kg


Set Includes

  • 1 x Function Signal Generator
  • 1 x BNC Test Cable
  • 1 x Power Cable(available for US UK / AU EUR)
  • 1 x English User Manual
  • Standard Factor Package

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