GX-ORP1 Single ORP Electrode BNC Type 300cm Cable


Model: GX-ORP1 


The single cylinder ORP electrode that allows you to connect the BNC socket directly into the input terminal of ORP meter or ORP controller or any ORP device that has a BNC input terminal. This replaceable ORP electrode gives you the flexibility to measure a solution in a container as far as 300 centimeter from the device. It precisely determines the redox tension of the intended solution to be measured to help you determine the status of your tanks, ponds, pools, spas, etc.

Once your new ORP electrode probe is connected to the electrode input terminal, calibrate it first with the calibration (buffer) solutions before using the newly replace ORP electrode.

This can be used for general water applications such as drinking, domestic and rain water, aquariums, plus its compatible with hand-held meters or controllers with BNC provisions.


  • Easy measure of ORP accurately plus the values can be achieved within few seconds
  • APPROVED BY STRICT QUALITY AND SAFETY STANDARDS that ensures reliability, durability, long and trouble-free life that can be transported easily
  • Reliable, stable, transportable and it's very simple and very comfortable to install and use  


  • Measuring Range: 0 to ±1999mV
  • Resolution: 1mV
  • Accuracy: ±0.1% F·S±1 digit 
  • Cable Length: 300cm long 
  • Connection: 300cm cable with BNC socket 

Set Includes:

  • 1 x   ORP Electrode BNC Type