GX-72T 72 White Bulbs with 4 LED Lights Zones Ring Light

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An energy-saving easy to install ring light that features low temperature to maximize the operation and user's comfort even for a long period. It is equipped with 72 evenly distributed LED lights and provides soft illumination without any distortion. Mode Control buttons gives you the freedom to choose and/or combine different lighting angle or lighting zone and adjust the light intensity according to your needs.


It DIMINISHES GLARE FROM REFLECTIVE OBJECTS to view surface defects and overcome the visibilty problems associated with glare and shadowing even hard-to-see imperfections in plastic and metal surfaces, defects in solder joints and fine points on translucent surfaces all become visible when illuminated with this new LED ring light. With its controlled illumination, you can alter light intensity and zone or use it continuously to meet optical instrument and individual requirements which results to clear and vivid images.


  • Inner diameter is adjustable to match various microscopes
  • Equipped with 72 LED bulbs for the brightess and most favorable lighting environment
  • Features 4 Zone/Mode controlled separately and lots of angle/zone combinations
  • Provides adjustable brightness for flexibilty to suit any job and consistent lighting for object illumination
  • Ring light are covered to add extra protection to the LED bulbs
  • Installing to microscope and camera is very quick and easy to use
  • Adjustable screws to keep attachment in place
  • Provides cool, flare free and focused shadow-free illumination
  • Low temperature to maximize the operation & user's comfort, even for a long period
  • Adjustable diameter for the ultimate in attachment flexibility for various tools and equipment
  • Approved by strict quality adn safety standards for LONG adn TROUBLE-FREE life
  • Power cord for US or UK or AU or EUR region is provided




  • Light Control : 4 mode light controleach mode has an adjustable brightness
  • Inner Diameter : 61mm (6.10cm)
  • Outer Diameter : 103mm (10.30cm)
  • Total Length : 130mm (13.0cm)
  • Thickness : 30mm (3.0cm)
  • Wattage : 4.5W
  • Input Voltage : 90V-264V
  • Output Voltage : DC12V
  • Brightness Adjust : 0~100%
  • Working Distance : 40~250mm
  • Quality of LED : 72 pieces
  • Brightness 20000 Lux at height of 100mm
  • Color of light : 6400K



Set includes:

  • 1 x LED Ring Light w/ 72 LED
  • 1 x Power cord (choose 1 from the available US or UK or AU or EUR)

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