AG-82302 Digital Angle Finder / Protractor with Spirit Level 360°

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Model: AG-82302

This smart, digital angle finder is an accurate and effective tool that allows you to check, set or measure any angle, with 0.05° high resolution, ±0.1° accuracy, read angles ranging from 0 up to 360°, and has a reversed face (result is always displayed in upright position) that allows you to readily measure every possible angle.



- Ensure the accuracy of cutting equipment and other tools

- Create straight edges when assembling furniture

- Guarantee correctly built wood and metalwork projects

- Make sure wallpaper and cornices are level when decorating

- Measure all kinds of angles, drawing lines, accessory of power tools, checking existing angles and transfer these to other pieces for cutting

- Useful for measuring, marking, and setting angles



- High resolution of 0.05° and easily transfers miter angles with no calculations necessary; computes angles accurately to ±0.1°

- Allows quick locking of blade 0-225°, -225°-0, -45°-180° or -180°-45° angle

- Set at any angle within the 360° through manual setting

- With bubble/spirit level, for checking level on structures or for building structures, working on projects, etc.

- With analog quadrant display to allow easier deciphering of angle position

- Rated as waterproof to IP54 standard

- ABS mode - automatically records the original zero position after power is off & display always reads upright

- Absolute and relative measurement display with a single push of a button

- With HOLD function, value retain on the LCD screen even if the measuring arm is being move

- With innovative large LCD readable display shows the exact angle at once great for eliminating eye strain and display reads to one tenth of a degree

- With adjustable pivot bracket/arm provides up to 225° range of movement, fairly strong and rigid

- Turn-off automatically if idle for 5min

- Low power consumption

- Smart & lightweight aluminum casing

- Easy calibration and zero setting

- Aluminum blade and box body ensures rust-resistant and durable and with a box shape main measure reference base (for extra strength) and rigidity

- Made out of strong durable material for use on even the most demanding job sites

- With small plastic hook for storage of the tool, or to hang from your tool belt with an appropriate secondary hook or clip



- Waterproof: IP54

- Measuring Range: 0° - 360°

- Resolution: 0.05°

- Accuracy: ±0.1°

- Length: 10 inches

- Automatic Shutoff: 5 Minutes

- Working Current: <80uA

- Work Temperature: 5°C~45°C

- Work Humidity: <85%RH

- Battery: 3V CR2032 Lithium battery

- Battery Life: more than 2000 hours

- Dimensions: 1" x 2" x 10.5" (21x50x255mm)

- Weight: 410g



- 1 x Digital Angle Finder with Spirit Level

- FREE battery

- Packaging with instructions & guide

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