8351 Digital Waterproof IP65 Dual Display Conductivity Temperature Meter

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Model: 8351

This Dual meter is designed to measure the Conductivity and temperature (°C/°F) display simultaneously on its clear LCD. It has an IP65 Rating, waterproof and dustproof housing and waterproof membrane keypad.

Default to Auto-ranging when power on. It determines and selects a range that gives the greatest resolution and accuracy. You can also opt to manual ranging and choose the range you prefer. For example you prefer a reading display of 0.50mS instead of 500(micro symbol)S just press a button to select the mS range. Accuracy is a percent of full-scale, using the meter in its lowest range will result in the greatest accuracy.


Applications & Usage:

Perfect for both consumer or commercial use such as in water systems, aquaculture, drinking water production, monitoring the cleanliness of swimming pool & spa, nutrient, hydroponics, household, office, aquariums, teaching material for physics and chemistry lessons, galvanic shop, ionized water and laboratory. The values are well readable with the large clear display.



  • with CE certficate

  • Big LCD with dual display

  • Auto and manual range

  • With Auto Temperature Compensation

  • One touch auto-calibration

  • Multi-point calibration, 1 point per range

  • Calibration values are adjustable

  • Calibration information review

  • Reset to Factory Setting is allowed to reset all your set parameters, this includes calibration setting

  • Adjustable Temperature Coefficient (factory set it by default to 2.1% per °C)

  • Adjustable Normalization Temperature (factory set it by default to 25 °C)

  • auto power off

  • °C/°F unit switchable

  • Data hold function

  • Simple sleep mode disable operation

  • Battery low indicaton



  • Conductivity
    • Range : 0-1999uS or 0-19.99mS
    • Accuracy : +/-1% F.S +/-1 digit
    • Resolution : 1uS or 0.01m
  • Temperature
    • Range : 0-50.0°C
    • Accuracy : +/-0.5°C
    • Resolution : 0.1 °C/°F
  • With Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Temperature coefficient :0-4.%/°C
  • Normalization Temperature : 20 or 25°C
  • LCD size : 30m(H) x18 (W)mm
  • Operating environment: 0-50°C and <80% RH
  • Storage environment: 0-60°C and <90%
  • Size: 165 x 35 x 32mm
  • Weight : 115g
  • Battery: 4 x LR44


Set includes:

  • 1 x Pen type Meter
  • 4 x LR44 button batteries
  • English Operation Manual
  • Standard Factory Packaging