8351 Dual Display Conductivity Temperature Meter


Model: 8351

This dual meter is designed to measure conductivity and temperature (°C/°F) and display the results simultaneously. This device is perfect for both consumer or commercial use such as in water systems, aquaculture, drinking water production, monitoring cleanliness of swimming pool and spa, nutrient, hydroponics, household, office, aquariums, teaching material for physics and chemistry lessons, galvanic shop, ionized water and laboratory.



- with CE certficate

- Big LCD with dual display

- Auto and manual range

- with Auto Temperature Compensation

- One touch auto-calibration

- Multi-point calibration, 1 point per range

- Calibration values are adjustable

- Calibration information review

- Reset to Factory Setting is allowed to reset all your set parameters, this includes calibration setting

- Adjustable Temperature Coefficient (factory set it by default to 2.1% per °C)

- Adjustable Normalization Temperature (factory set it by default to 25 °C)

- Auto power off

- °C/°F unit switchable

- Data hold function

- Simple sleep mode disable operation

- Battery low indicator



- Conductivity

Range: 0-1999uS or 0-19.99mS

Accuracy: +/-1% F.S +/-1 digit

Resolution: 1uS or 0.01mS

- Temperature

Range: 0-50.0°C

Accuracy: +/-0.5°C

Resolution: 0.1 °C/°F

- with Automatic Temperature Compensation

- Temperature coefficient:0-4.%/°C

- Normalization Temperature: 20 or 25°C

- LCD size: 30 mm (H) x18 mm (W)

- Operating environment: 0-50°C and <80% RH

- Storage environment: 0-60°C and <90% RH

- Size: 165 x 35 x 32mm

- Weight: 115g

- Battery: 4 x LR44



- 1 x  Conductivity TDS Meter

- 1 x Pen type Meter

- 4 x LR44 button batteries

- English Operation Manual

- Standard Factory Packaging